Human hand and robotic hand in handshake representing human-robot collaboration.

Sanctuary AI Announces Collaboration with Microsoft to Advance General Purpose Robots

AI companies are growing fast. They use a lot of their resources to build web apps. They want to grab the user's attention. This focus can lead AI companies to act more like social media businesses. Most of the power of AI could end up with a few big companies or people. But the power of AI is much bigger. It can help us overcome language issues and find out new things about proteins.

Human hand shaking a robotic hand, symbolizing human-robot interaction.

AI can even help create clean energy or change the way we farm. More advanced AI could lead to many more discoveries. A recent article from September 2023 looked at how people use AI. It showed something interesting about the users of chatbots like ChatGPT and Character AI. The numbers were close. ChatGPT had 6 million monthly users. Character AI had 4 million.

This tells us that both tools are popular. But they attract different types of users. Some people use these AIs for simple questions. Others use them for more specific needs. This trend could mean that the role of AI might change. It could become more like social media. That's something to think about as AI keeps getting bigger in our lives.

Understanding these trends can help us see where AI might be heading. It's not just about how many people use these tools. It's about how they use them and what that means for the future of AI.

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