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Sam Altman Discusses Future AI Developments and Education at Stanford

Sanctuary AI recently showed off their newest robot, part of their Generation 7 lineup. This robot is a big deal because it can do tasks all by itself. That's called full autonomy. Before now, robots needed more help to do things. But the Generation 7 is changing that. It's designed to be used in many different kinds of work. This makes it very useful!

The new robot uses something called a Vision system, now known as Generation 7. This tech helps the robot see and understand its surroundings better. This is key for the robot to work right. The company aims to make their robots work in many places like homes, offices, and factories.

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One interesting part about the new robot is its ability to walk. Yes, it has legs! Having legs allows the robot to move in ways that are more like a human. This is great for tasks that need moving around in busy or tight spaces.

Sanctuary AI didn't stop there. They are thinking about adding more features. They might include tech that lets the robot think and solve problems like a human. This is done by using a large language model. It's like giving the robot a brain that loves to learn.

People are watching what Sanctuary AI does next. With robots becoming more like humans, who knows what the future holds? It seems like Sanctuary AI is on a path to make robots a bigger part of our world. And that's pretty exciting!

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