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SEO & Content Automation Platform That Scales

Manage production for 1 or 100+ sites from one platform.

Introducing The

Auto Boost Core Platform

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Who is the ABC Platform for?
The ABC Platform is perfect for SMBs and agencies that have fundamental tech and automation skills. But don’t have the time to build out the automations themselves.
Agencies in particular will be able to gain an insane ROI, due to the built-in client/multi-site management.

What is the ABC Platform?
The ABC Platform is a subscription including 2 different software (Visual Database & Automation Platform) plus access to Scale By Tech’s advanced automation vault.
The SBT Vault consists of Pre-built production grade automations.

Why should you care?
By having a visual database + automation platform + pre-built automations you will get up and running in no time, with minimal effort.
And since you would need both a visual database and an automation platform to run any meaningful automation, we made it simple and combined everything into one bundle.

Hence the slogan: Deploy & Enjoy

Cool, but what do I actually GET?
Glad you asked. You get:

  • An unlimited AiTable Team Folder (visual database – Software)
  • A Boost.Space account powered by Make.com. (Automation platform – Software)
  • Access to the Scale By Tech Automation Vault including production-grade automations that can be self-deployed to your platform simply by filling out a form.
    New automations are released every month.
ABC Platform Vault Overview

ABC Vault deployment scripts – June 2024


14-Day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

We give you 14 days from account availability to ask for a full refund.

Money Back Guarantee

🤖 Vault Automations

As of June 11th – 2024, we currently have the following ready-to-deploy automations.
All content automations are built with multi-site / Agencies in mind.

ABC Platform - Blog Boost Blueprint V3

The Blog Boost Blueprint (BBB) V3
Automated and 100% customizable article generator.
Agency version.

Topical Keyword Map (TKM) Generator
Generate a niche-specific TKM with hundreds of low-competition keywords from one seed keyword.
Agency version.

YouTube Channel To News Article Feed
A 100% hands-off automation that takes any YouTube channel and turns it into a WordPress newsfeed.
Agency version.

Midjourney Interface
Create hundreds or even thousands of Midjourney images with ease from right from AiTables.
Perfect for scaling media production.

🛑 Important – What’s NOT Included

You will need to bring your own API key for the following services.

OpenAI developer API key for AI usage.
DataForSEO API key for SEO data extraction.
GoAPI.ai API key for Midjourney image generation.

We have chosen not to include these in the ABC Platform as they are Pay Per Usage.
This means you are billed at cost, and only for what you use.

Most of our automations rely on all or almost all of the above services.
Not signing up for these will render the prebuilt automation useless.

⭐ What Other People Say

📈 Results From Using The Automations

ABC Platform in action

Enterprise Client – BBB V3

3x sites – Various ABC Automation

ABC Platform in action - 03

Small Blog – BBB V1

ABC Platform in action - 04

Experiment Site – YouTube To Article

14-Day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

We give you 14 days from account availability to ask for a full refund.

Money Back Guarantee

❓ FAQ About The ABC Platform

Got questions? Fantastik 🙌
We only want to sell this to the right people.

The ABC Platform is perfect for SMBs and agencies that have fundamental tech and automation skills. But don’t have the time to built out the automations themselves.

We only work with the accounts provided through us.
Anything else falls under custom projects.

No and Yes
No, not without customization. We pre-built our automations for WordPress upload.
But you can always customize the Make script to handle a different CMS.
We have clients who use both WebFlow and Shopify.
But the majority of our clients use WP, so that is what we deliver as standard.

Yes and No 😁
We will help get the automations to work if you encounter tech problems from our side.
And we will provide you with super detailed Step-By-Step videos on how to deploy and use the automation.

But we will not help if your technical skill level is too low to operate the automations or deploy them yourself.

That is what the videos are for.

These systems are not beginner-friendly.
We have spent many hundreds of hours fine-tuning them and making them as user-friendly as possible.
But at the end of the day, this is a production tool, and a certain tech skill level is required.

We will ALWAYS help, but we will not babysit.

We can in no possible way guarantee that.
We build and provide world-class content and SMB automations.
But that is one part of the equation. Who, how, and when they are used are out of our control.
We cannot guarantee something that we do not have control over.

Approximately $1.35 / Article
$0.6 in ABC Platform cost (T2) and $0.75 in PPU cost (give or take)

– 1x SEO Optimized Article
– 2500-3500 words (You can make it as long as you want)
– 11x Midjourney Images (or actually 44 since you get 4x images per generation)

These calculations are based on 40x articles ranging from 2000-4000 words.
Most of the PPU cost are from GPT 4o usage.

If these prices seem too high, then please leave this page ASAP.

Because I was tired.
I will add more soon. Promis 🙏