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We have created many different tools to help businesses scale.

If you’re willing to pull up your sleeves and implement things yourself, then this is the place for you.

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Automated Blogging System

This is our Blog Booster Blueprint. A system that automates the creation of SEO-Optimized blog posts.

This is not just Chat GPT. No!

It uses an SEO API to pull in data to create truly SEO-optimized articles. And you can even pull in additional information simply by adding a URL or YouTube Link.

Complexity to implement: Medium to Hard – Click here for
Airtable – Click here for Airtable

(Outdated) Automated HARO Outreach

This automation is outdated since HARO is moving to Connectively.
Complexity to implement: Easy to Medium – Click here for
Airtable – Click here for Airtable

Tools That I Use

This is a list of the tools that I use for automating my business.
These links are affiliate links. I promise to spend the extra cash on beer and random stuff from AliExpress 👍 – Click here for

Airtable – Click here for Airtable

High Level – Click here for High Level