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Humanoid Robots Expected to Surpass iPhone Sales in a Decade

In recent talks, experts from OpenAI have sparked a big discussion about artificial super intelligence (ASI). They suggest that controlling ASI could be like having magic powers. They compare it to how people from the old times would see our modern gadgets as magic.

The real worry here is about who controls this super smart tech. If one company, like OpenAI, gets to control it, they could become very powerful. They could do things faster and better than anyone else. This could change a lot about how companies and maybe even countries work.

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Now, there are also risks. If AI gets super smart on its own, we might face a situation where it can do things we don't want it to. This kind of AI could protect certain people or companies from any harm. And it could do this without needing anyone to tell it to.

People are now talking a lot about this. They say we should be careful. We don't yet know how to handle ASI if it starts to think and act on its own.

The big question is about trust. Can we trust a company like OpenAI to do the right thing with such powerful tech? Some say it's a big risk. Others hope that these companies will think about what's best for everyone.

This is a big topic in the tech world right now. We have to keep talking about it. We need to make sure that the power of ASI is used well. This is important for everyone, everywhere.

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