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Google AI Studio Released in EU and UK with New Models

Google has released Google AI Studio in the EU and UK. This rollout includes new models like 1.5 Flash and 1.5 Pro. These models offer powerful capabilities for different tasks. The 1.5 Flash model is fast, while the 1.5 Pro model supports long context windows.

Users can choose between three models. The Gemini 1.0 Pro is suitable for standard tasks with its 30,000-token context length. The Gemini 1.5 Pro is more advanced and has a 1 million token context length. The Gemini 1.5 Flash model also has a 1 million token context window but is optimized for speed.

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To use the 1.5 Pro model, users can create new prompts. They can choose between chat prompts or structured prompts. Chat prompts let users interact with the model in a conversational style. Structured prompts provide examples of inputs and outputs to guide the model's responses.

For instance, users can create a prompt named "Gemini demo." They can set system instructions, like asking the model to respond in a pirate-themed manner. This saves time when testing different instructions. The saved prompt can be reused later.

Structured prompts are useful for more specific tasks. Users can provide examples of how the model should respond to certain inputs. For example, they can input news headlines and get the model to generate more engaging titles. This helps in creating consistent outputs.

The 1.5 Pro model's large context window is useful for processing long videos and audio. Users can upload files and ask the model questions about the content. The model can identify specific events and timestamps in videos, making it easier to find relevant information.

Google AI Studio also allows users to tune models. Tuning involves training a model on specific data to improve its performance. Users can import data from Google Sheets or CSV files. The tuning process involves providing examples of inputs and outputs. This helps the model learn to respond in a desired way.

After tuning, users can create new chats using the tuned model. This helps in achieving more accurate and tailored responses. The tuning process can be monitored through a graph that shows the model's performance over time.

Google AI Studio provides a powerful suite of tools for various AI tasks. The new models, especially the Gemini 1.5 Pro, offer advanced capabilities for long context and multimodal use cases. Whether for video analysis, text processing, or customized responses, Google AI Studio is set to enhance productivity and creativity.

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