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Scale By Tech’s Rise In Tech-Driven Professional Courses

A Genesis Tale: Building Scale by Tech

Back in December 2022, the seeds of Scale by Tech were sown to provide tailored online course solutions. The inception was a natural convergence of my lifelong tech passion with a market void begging to be filled. It all started with a simple request from my cousin’s wife to professionalize her online courses, moving beyond YouTube links to a full-fledged community platform.

  • I took the challenge head-on, crafting a solution that not only catered to her needs but also sparked the realization of my knack for software setup.
  • The mission crystallized: to empower businesses to grow by leveraging the right software and technology.

At Scale by Tech, we’re not just about setting up systems; we’re about understanding the pulse of the market and translating it into scalable tech strategies. Our concept has always been clear—use my love for technology to help others scale their operations smoothly and efficiently.

Overcoming Initial Adversity: From Challenges to Opportunities

Early 2023 was a tough period; I was laser-focused on small coaching companies, trying to pitch them software implementation services. However, snagging that very first customer was like trying to climb a greased pole—tough and frustrating. I had one client under my belt, but expanding my reach within the coaching industry was proving to be a real grind.

The First Customer Acquisition Challenge

The struggle felt real. I was stuck in a cycle of pitching and rejection, which made securing a foothold in the coaching market seem like a distant dream. My experience with my cousin’s wife’s community platform was solid, but translating that into a broader market offering was a different ball game.

Seizing New Opportunities: OpenAI and ChatGPT

Just as I was grappling with these challenges, OpenAI dropped a gem—ChatGPT. It was the break I needed. My interest in AI wasn’t new; I’ve been dabbling in it since 2021. But with the advent of ChatGPT, things started to look up. I managed to get API access, despite it being as scarce as hen’s teeth at the time. This access allowed me to start building systems that not only utilized my SEO optimization skills but also harnessed real-time data.

I didn’t just want a system that spit out random content; I wanted one rooted in actual data. That’s why I turned to tools like MarketMuse and to extract keyword clusters that informed the articles my system generated. This strategy wasn’t just a shot in the dark; it was calculated and data-driven, giving rise to content that was both optimized and relevant.

Infographic depicting coaching market focus, customer acquisition challenges, and opportunities with OpenAI and ChatGPT.

Paving the Road: SEO Optimization and Data Strategy

When I first tackled the challenge of content creation, I knew I had to harness the power of AI differently. I wasn’t satisfied with just any output; I wanted my articles to be the crème de la crème of SEO optimization. So, I rolled up my sleeves and began crafting a proprietary system that harmonized advanced AI capabilities, like ChatGPT, with my deep-seated SEO knowledge.

The real game-changer was integrating concrete data into the process. I turned to MarketMuse and, tools that dig into the core of articles to extract keyword clusters—this is the goldmine for SEO. By pulling out how often a keyword should appear in an article to truly optimize it, I could feed my system real-time, data-driven insights.

This wasn’t a mere flirtation with keywords; it was a full-blown courtship. My system started churning out articles that didn’t just sound good but were also strategically designed to rank higher in search engines. It was like finding the missing piece of a puzzle—suddenly, everything clicked, and the content flowed, optimized and primed for the digital age.

Infographic depicting SEO optimization, data-driven strategies, and the integration of advanced AIs with SEO knowledge.

Broadening the Horizon: Scale by Tech’s Evolution

As Scale by Tech matured, we realized the landscape was changing. Automated content creation tools were sprouting up everywhere, and we saw an opportunity to innovate beyond our original niche. Our journey took us from a focused offering of software setup to exploring broader automated solutions. This was not just a pivot but an evolution, driven by the recognition that to truly help companies scale, we needed to offer something more comprehensive.

The realization hit us: we had to expand our reach. That meant not only serving the needs of small businesses but also addressing the concerns of bloggers who were craving user-friendly, automated solutions. We started to lean into a strategy that was more accessible to a diverse group of users. Instead of confining ourselves to the world of AI-driven content creation, we branched out.

It was clear that while automated content had its place, it wasn’t the be-all and end-all for our clients. They needed solutions that looked at the bigger picture, that could lead to sustainable growth and not just a quick fix to content generation challenges. That’s why we began to shift our focus, looking for ways to nurture leads more effectively and convert them into loyal customers through software that could automate and centralize these processes. It was about building better systems, ones that could bring in better leads, and ultimately, better business for our clients.

Horizontal infographic showing skateboarding technology evolution, inclusivity, and need for broader, sustainable tech solutions.

Future Outlook: Go for Gold with Better Leads and Higher ROI

Looking ahead, the focus is shifting to a sales model that’s not just sustainable, but also rich in ROI. It’s all about nurturing leads and converting them efficiently in 2024. is our showcase, demonstrating how our advanced solutions can significantly elevate a company’s lead conversion. It’s a platform where we’ve channeled our know-how into tangible tools that businesses can use to attract better-quality leads.

The ultimate goal at Scale by Tech? To ensure our customers hit that high ROI sweet spot. We’re talking about automating systems in a way that doesn’t just bring in leads but cultivates them into revenue-generating relationships.

In my opinion, there’s a silver lining to every challenge, and our next phase is all about turning leads into gold. Our customers should always spend less with us than the value they’re getting back. If they hand us $500, we’re aiming to give them back $5,000 in new customer value.

That’s the promise of It’s not just a domain; it’s a commitment to delivering leads that are worth their weight in gold.

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