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The Rising Need for Universal Basic Income in a Post-AGI World

As we dive deeper into the age of artificial intelligence (AI), the conversation about universal basic income (UBI) is becoming more relevant. UBI is a type of program where all citizens receive a set amount of money regularly from the government. This money comes without any conditions. It means everybody gets it, no matter what. It's a big idea, especially as jobs change because of AI.

AI is growing fast. In some places, it's already changing how work is done. This can make some jobs go away. When robots and computers can do these jobs, not as many people are needed. Because of this, many believe UBI might be necessary to make sure everyone can still live well.

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Some big tech leaders and thinkers have spoken about this future. They see a world where AI does many of the jobs humans used to do. This might sound like something from a movie, but it's becoming more possible with each advance in technology. If AI can work all day without getting tired or sick, companies might prefer using AI instead of humans. This change could make it hard for many people to find work.

This is where UBI comes in. It could help make sure that everyone has enough money to meet basic needs, like food and housing. The idea is to help people not fall through the cracks of a changing job market. It can also help reduce worries during tough times.

However, funding UBI isn't simple. It could lead to higher prices on things as more people have money to spend. Also, if people choose to work less because they have UBI, there might be fewer people doing certain important jobs. This could make businesses raise their prices because they have to pay more to get workers.

Some suggest that big tech companies, making lots of money from AI, could help pay for UBI. Others think the answer might lie in new types of money systems, like digital ones that can be programmed for specific uses.

Looking ahead, the role of money and work in society might change a lot. With AI becoming a bigger part of life, UBI could help make sure everyone can still have a good life, even if the way we work changes completely. As we think about the future, it's important to consider how we can all move forward together.

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