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Sam Altman’s Reddit AMA: AI’s Future in Entertainment and Work

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is still in the future, but its impact is already noticeable. Tasks done on a computer will get cheaper. This drop in cost will affect many jobs. People should prepare for these changes now.

For example, writers may lose work to AI like GPT-3.5 or GPT-4. If you knew these tools were coming, you might have chosen a different career. Physical labor jobs might last longer than desk jobs. This shift will create a strange and new economy.

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Learning about AI tools can give you an edge. One graphic designer lost his job to AI. If he had learned about AI tools, he might have kept his job. He could have finished his work faster and applied for new roles with his skills.

People who follow AI developments will have an advantage. Knowing what tools are coming helps you prepare for changes. For example, you can apply for new jobs, switch roles, or take new courses. This preparation can save your career.

Many people will face job losses as AI grows. It is not always their fault. Sometimes, they do not know about the AI tools that could help them. Keeping up with AI news helps you stay ahead. It gives you time to adjust to changes and find new opportunities.

In short, AI is changing the job market. Tasks done on computers will become cheaper. Physical jobs might last longer, but desk jobs face more risk. Learning about AI tools and staying informed can help protect your career. Stay updated and prepare for the future to avoid sudden job loss.

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