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OpenAI’s Future and Government Intervention

At the Vivatech conference, there was a fascinating demo about using AI to create videos. The demo showed how Sora's voice engine and Chat GPT 4.o can work together. They made a detailed video on the history of France quickly. This demo highlighted how different AI systems can speed up tasks.

The demo began with a simple voice recording. The presenter recorded a short sample of their voice. Then, they used the voice engine to narrate a video. The video started with the Eiffel Tower's history during the 1889 Exposition Universal.

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The demo also translated the voice into different languages, like Japanese. This feature makes it easier to share content with a global audience. The AI added subtitles to the video, making it accessible to more people.

The main goal of these previews is to gather feedback from partners. The developers want to see what works well and what needs improvement. They take safety very seriously, so they only share these models with trusted partners.

Eric Schmidt, the former Google CEO, also made an interesting statement at the event. He talked about the future of powerful AI systems. He suggested these systems might need to be in military bases. He believes these AI systems will be very powerful and could be dangerous if not controlled. He compared this to safety measures in biological research.

Schmidt said that extremely powerful computers might need to be in secure locations. These places might have nuclear power and heavy security. The reason is that these AI systems could have immense power and could be a risk if misused.

The idea of containing AI in secure military bases is thought-provoking. It shows how seriously experts take the potential dangers of advanced AI. As AI systems become more powerful, safety and control will be crucial.

In conclusion, the Vivatech demo and Eric Schmidt's comments give us a glimpse into the future of AI. The technology is evolving quickly, and understanding its capabilities and risks is essential. The collaboration of different AI models can lead to amazing results, but it also requires careful handling and safety measures.

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