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OpenAI Forms Safety and Security Committee Amid New Model Training

On May 28th, OpenAI made a significant announcement. Their board formed a Safety and Security committee. This new committee will make recommendations on important safety decisions for all OpenAI projects. The committee includes directors like Brett Taylor, Adam D'Angelo, Nicole Sigman, and Sam Altman. They will provide their first recommendations in 90 days.

But the major news was hidden in this post. OpenAI has started training its next Frontier Model. This new model could bring new capabilities toward achieving AGI, or Artificial General Intelligence. OpenAI is proud of its industry-leading models in both capabilities and safety. They also welcome discussions on this important step.

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The announcement about the Frontier Model training is quite different from past communications. When GPT-5 was in training, OpenAI was more public about it. They mentioned it in media and official posts. Now, stating that they've begun training this new model suggests something big is coming. It might be a system that we haven't anticipated, much like how GPT-4.o surprised many.

Many people are now confused. They wonder if OpenAI is still working on GPT-5. The answer seems to be yes. GPT-5 is close to its release cycle. It recently underwent a process called red teaming. This process checks the model for safety and takes several months. Training for GPT-5 started in November. Rumors about acceptance emails for GPT-5 red teaming have been circulating.

OpenAI's careful wording suggests that they are managing two major projects: the next Frontier Model and GPT-5. This dual focus shows OpenAI's commitment to advancing AI while keeping safety in mind. The new Safety and Security committee will play a crucial role in advising on these projects.

The AI community awaits more details. OpenAI's next steps could shape the future of AI. All eyes are now on the upcoming recommendations from the new committee. These decisions will likely impact how quickly and safely new AI models are released.

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