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NIST Releases AI Risk Management Framework to Address Generative AI Concerns

Big news for tech teams and mobile users who rely on AI daily! The recent update in AI tools is changing how teams work. Now, AI tools like Claude are offering a 'Teams Tier' upgrade. This makes it easier for more people to work together on projects. This upgrade comes with many perks that make daily tasks smoother.

Before this update, using AI like ChatGPT on a team was helpful but limited. Now, teams can handle more tasks without running into limits. For example, with the upgrade, you can chat more with Claude. You also get a 200K window, which means more data handling. Plus, you get access to the whole AI family of tools. This is great news for teams needing more power in their AI tools.

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Also, mobile users got a big win. Many people use their phones for work. But, using AI tools on mobile wasn't always easy. Now, the update makes mobile use better. You don't need to switch between tabs or devices anymore. You can use AI directly on your phone. This is super useful for people who work on the go.

For teams thinking about how to use this new update, it's worth trying out. See if it makes your work flow better. However, it's good to know that Claude still can't access the internet yet. So, if your work needs that, you might want to wait a bit longer.

Lastly, there was also a TED Talk by Helen Tona recently. It covered some issues and shared stats that many people don't know. It's good to stay updated on these talks to keep learning about tech and AI.

This update and the talk both show how AI is making work easier and more connected. Whether you use AI tools for work or just want to know more about tech, these changes are worth checking out!

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