Close-up of two robotic arms with intricate finger mechanisms against a blurred background at a technology expo.

Next-Gen Robotics: Boston Dynamics and China’s Humanoid Robots

AI is making big changes in customer service. Wendy's is trying out AI in their drive-throughs. The AI takes orders, asks about sizes, and handles it all with no mistakes. Imagine a drive-through where the AI never gets annoyed, even if you do. This could help companies a lot and make work easier.

People sometimes make fun of workers in drive-throughs. With AI, this won’t happen. AI can speak many languages and stay calm. This makes it perfect for customer service. It can handle any situation without getting tired or upset. More places may start using this if it works well.

Two robotic hands about to engage in a handshake, representing advanced artificial intelligence and futuristic technology.

Another cool thing happening is with robots. Boston Dynamics has a new robot called Atlas. This new version is electric and not hydraulic. Atlas can do tasks without any person controlling it. This is called no teleoperation. It means the robot works on its own, which is amazing.

Robots are getting better and cheaper. China is working on many humanoid robots. One new robot, the Unitree G1, costs about $166,000. This is less than before. Cheaper robots mean more people can buy and use them, like schools and researchers. They can do more studies and make even better robots.

Robots doing household tasks might not be far away. No teleoperation means robots can work without someone guiding them. They can clean, cook, or even help with chores. This helps people save time and makes life easier.

AI and robots are moving ahead fast. In the next year, we might see many new things. Robots and AI together can change how we live and work. They can help with tasks that are hard or boring for humans. Researchers and companies are excited to see what comes next.

People will keep an eye on these changes. Robots and AI can make everyday life better. It’s an exciting time to see how these technologies will grow and help us.

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