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Microsoft CTO discusses future advancements in AI

Brilliant Labs AR has just showcased a demo of their incredible AI glasses. These glasses are open-source and community-driven, making them truly remarkable. The demo highlights how generative AI can be combined with hardware to create useful and innovative tools.

The AI glasses use your phone’s connectivity and audio to function. Picture this: lightweight glasses that look normal but are packed with advanced tech. They cost $349, much cheaper and more practical than other smart glasses like the Vision Pro. Unlike standalone devices, these glasses rely on your phone for connectivity. They feature cameras, microphones, and an AR heads-up display.

Businessman gesturing with hands against a blurred cityscape at night with colorful lights

The glasses can do many things, from translating languages to suggesting places nearby. Imagine asking your glasses, “Where can I find a hat that goes with this outfit?” and getting an immediate answer: “You’re in Venice. Check out Gor and Bros on Abbot Kinney Blvd. They’ll have what you need.”

The glasses can also help in daily tasks. If you’re wondering what to cook for lunch, they can suggest recipes based on what’s in your fridge. If you need to change a tire, they can guide you through the steps. This kind of seamless integration makes these glasses incredibly useful.

The main appeal of these AI glasses is how they combine innovative hardware and software. They run on advanced AI systems, making their responses quick and accurate. As technology advances, these glasses will only get better. The future seems bright for AI-enabled wearables like these.

Another exciting project, Project Astra, is also on the horizon. This project will further advance the capabilities of AI glasses and other similar tools. In the next five years, we can expect an age of abundance and incredible technological advancements.

In a clip from the Microsoft CTO, the future of AI and its integration in daily life is discussed. He mentions how AI systems will soon have durable memories and better reasoning abilities. This will reduce the fragility seen in current AI systems.

The potential for AI glasses and other wearables is huge. They can transform how we interact with technology and make everyday tasks easier. As AI continues to evolve, these tools will become even more integrated into our lives, making them indispensable. The demo from Brilliant Labs AR is a glimpse into this exciting future.

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