Woman wearing futuristic sunglasses at sunset with city reflection in visor

Meta’s Smart Glasses Now Feature Embedded AI

Meta has taken a big leap in tech with its Ray-Ban smart glasses. These glasses come with a built-in camera that lets you take high-quality photos. They are similar to what Google Lens aimed to be. But now, they have a new feature: AI.

The new AI tool in these glasses was just released by Meta. This update is exciting because it shows us what future AI devices might look like. Many people have been unsure about trying these glasses. I’ve tried them myself, and they are impressive. They don’t look odd or feel awkward. They fit just like regular glasses. You can also get prescription lenses for them, so they can be worn daily.

Before today, these glasses did not have AI. If you own a pair, you can now get this update. However, it’s important to know this is still in early preview. It’s not available worldwide yet. For example, in the UK, it hasn’t rolled out entirely.

This update is a game changer. The glasses were already good, but adding AI will make them even better. This could be one of the easiest ways for people to start using AI. It’s non-invasive, which means it fits naturally into daily life.

In the future, these glasses might always have AI. Having a camera might become a normal thing. I believe these glasses will become much more popular in the next 2 to 3 years. This will likely happen as the AI improves and becomes faster. Also, when influencers start using them for video calls or to create content, more people will want them. This could really change how we use smart devices.

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