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Meta confirms that its Llama 3 open source LLM is coming in the next month

Meta has released a new AI model called Llama 3, and it's a big deal for the tech world. This model is not just any update; it's open source. That means anyone can use it and improve it. Meta's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, shared how Llama 3 will make Meta AI smarter and easier to use across all their apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

People can now ask questions directly in these apps. They don't even have to leave the chat window. Plus, Meta AI can now create animations and high-quality images on the fly. This is super fast and happens as you type!

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Llama 3 is special because it has new tech that lets it answer questions better than before. It's got 88 billion and 70 billion 'parameters,' which are like bits of data it uses to understand and reply to queries. And there's even a bigger model with 400 billion parameters still in training!

This release is part of Meta's plan to support open-source projects. Open source is great because it helps everyone make better and safer tech. It can also speed up new ideas and makes things fair in the tech market.

The Llama 3 model shines in tests, outdoing other big models. And soon, Meta will add more features to handle different types of info, like photos and videos. They're also making sure it works great in real-life situations, not just in tests. This means the AI should be useful for everyday tasks.

Meta is also careful about how they build AI. They're making sure it's safe and works well for everyone. They even test it to make sure it's not just good on paper but actually helps people.

So, with Llama 3, Meta is pushing ahead in the AI race. They're not just making their products better. They're helping to change how AI is made and used everywhere. This could lead to big changes in many areas like health and science. Let's see what new things people will create with Llama 3's help!

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