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Menty Robotics Unveils Humanoid Robot Anbot After Stealth Development

AI technology is changing fast, and one of the newest things is a humanoid robot called anbot. This robot is made by a company named Menty Robotics. They were quiet for two years while they made anbot. Now, they are showing everyone what it can do.

Anbot is not just any robot. It uses AI in every part of how it works. From pretending things in a computer to learning from real life, it can do a lot. It uses special AI tools to learn tasks from start to finish.

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One cool thing about anbot is that it can understand and follow commands. If you tell it to go to the kitchen table and wait, it will do just that. It even talks to itself about what it is doing! This makes it seem more like a person.

The company is excited to show more about what anbot can do. They think it's just the start of many more cool things. Even though another company, Boston Dynamics, also showed a new robot, Menty Robotics thinks anbot is special.

AI and robots are becoming a big part of our world. They can do jobs and help us in many ways. Watching how these robots grow and learn is exciting. We can't wait to see what comes next!

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