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Unlocking Facebook Ads: A Guide to Omnipresent Marketing Strategy

Overview of Facebook Ad Strategy

Leveraging Facebook’s awareness campaign, we’re rolling out an omnipresent marketing strategy at Scale by Tech. Inspired by Ben Heath’s approach, we’re focusing on a smaller market segment and bombarding them with helpful content. It’s all about being seen—repeatedly.

We’ve taken a page from Frank Kern, opting for brand awareness over direct conversions. The goal? Make our ads a familiar face, a constant presence in our audience’s Facebook feed.

Integration of Omni-Channel Lead Nurture System

This strategy is the perfect stage for our Omni-Channel Lead Nurture System. We’re talking about value posts and meme posts—no CTAs, just pure value and entertainment tailored to our niche. They’ll see our URL, subtly included in every ad, inviting curiosity and visits without a hard sell.

We’re betting on brand awareness to win the long game, aiming to turn curious clicks into engaged customers, all with a strategy that’s as persistent as it’s persuasive.

Strategy Implementation and Unique Content Creation

At Scale by Tech, we’re breaking the traditional ad mold with a fresh approach: value posts and meme posts. These aren’t your average ads; they’re strategically crafted for impact without the pushy sales tactics.

Explanation of Value and Meme Posts

Our value posts are packed with nuggets of wisdom, designed to educate our audience about the perks of lead nurturing and our Omni-Channel Lead Nurture System. Meme posts, on the other hand, bring a splash of humor, relating directly to our niche and the daily grind of our target avatar.

Infographic comparing value posts with idea lightbulb to meme posts with engaging figures, no CTAs indicated.

The mix is deliberate, blending valuable insights with a chuckle or two, all to keep our brand top-of-mind. In my experience, this balance is key to staying memorable without overwhelming our audience.

Visibility Aspect and No Calls to Action

What’s unique about our ads? They’re all about visibility, not clicks. We’ve ditched the Calls to Action (CTAs) entirely. Instead, we’re letting our content speak for itself, nurturing a sense of familiarity with our brand.

Every ad subtly features our URL,, but not as a click-through—rather, as a consistent visual element. It’s a non-intrusive way to build brand recognition and pique interest over time.

In essence, we’re fostering an environment where prospective clients seek us out, already warm and ready to engage, thanks to the repeated exposure to our brand. It’s a testament to the power of visibility and a well-thought-out content strategy.

Assessment of Strategy Effectiveness and Upcoming Plans

From what I’ve gathered, our strategy’s effectiveness hinges on a timeline that isn’t instantaneous. It deviates from the traditional marketing models that chase quick conversions. We’re playing the long game, where brand awareness takes precedence. In my opinion, it’s like nurturing a plant; you won’t see the bloom overnight, but the roots are taking hold from day one.

We expect to see tangible results after a minimum of 30 days. This isn’t guesswork; it’s based on insights from those who’ve paved the way. However, we’re ready to run this campaign indefinitely. It’s a commitment, sure, but one that aligns with our vision.

Taking a leaf out of Coca-Cola’s marketing book may seem ambitious for a small outfit like ours. But by narrowing our focus to a select group of 3,000 to 10,000 people, we’re replicating that global strategy on a micro scale. We’re making a calculated bet that our audience, over time, will not only recognize us but seek us out, thanks to our relentless visibility and helpful content.

We’ll be monitoring closely and, if need be, we’re not above pivoting. If our ads aren’t hitting the mark, rest assured, we’ll revamp our approach. But for now, we’re all in on creating a brand presence so robust that our ideal customers can’t help but remember us.

Adoption of a Unique Landing Page Domain

Choosing as our landing page domain wasn’t a roll of the dice. It’s easy to remember and stands out. In my experience, a domain name that sticks in someone’s mind is marketing gold.

So, why Simple. It’s all about brand recall. A snappy, clear domain can cut through the noise, helping potential clients connect the dots from our omnipresent ads to our services.

Our 2024 strategy at Scale by Tech is laser-focused on brand awareness. We’re looking to engrain our domain in the minds of 3,000 to 10,000 ideal customers. By repeatedly exposing them to our domain in a non-pushy way, we’re encouraging them to visit our site on their own. It’s the essence of pull marketing.

Our objectives for 2024 are clear. We’re not just throwing ads out there and hoping for the best. We’re crafting a campaign that speaks to our audience, again and again, until becomes synonymous with lead nurturing solutions.

Infographic with a computer showcasing "," brand visibility symbols below, and rising statistical graphs.

The Importance of URL Visibility

Visibility is the name of the game in our marketing playbook at Scale by Tech. The URL we showcase in our ads might seem like a small detail, but it’s a crucial player in our strategy.

Take, for example. It’s not just a landing page; it’s a beacon for potential clients—memorable, uncomplicated, and direct. I’ve learned that a URL doesn’t have to spell out everything we do. Instead, it has to be easy to remember. Why? So after seeing it a dozen times, it’s the first thing that comes to mind when our audience thinks of lead nurturing.

By placing on every ad (post image), we plant a seed. No CTAs, no buttons—just a simple, clear domain that invites our audience to take action on their terms. They see it, they remember it, and when curiosity strikes, they visit. It’s our way of saying, “Hey, we’re here when you’re ready,” without shouting it from the rooftops.

This approach turns traditional marketing on its head. Instead of urging immediate clicks, we’re creating touchpoints for a relationship that grows over time. It’s a subtle, yet powerful way to build a connection. And in my opinion, when you make it easy for your audience to find you, you’re halfway to winning them over. isn’t just a URL; it’s our digital handshake, our first impression, and our open door—all rolled into one. It’s how we ensure that when it’s time for our audience to seek solutions, Scale by Tech is the name on their lips and is the destination at their fingertips.

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