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Limitless AI Introduces Revolutionary Wearable Device to the Market

In a significant advancement for wearable technology, a new AI-powered device known as the Limitless pendant has been introduced. This device, which combines a web app, Mac app, Windows app, and a wearable, is designed to enhance human capabilities by overcoming the limitations of memory and focus. The wearable, which can be worn as a necklace or attached to clothing, is equipped with an array of microphones to ensure crystal-clear audio quality, even in challenging environments. It supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for seamless syncing, regardless of whether a smartphone is nearby.

The Limitless pendant stands out not only for its functional attributes but also for its design. It is discreet, measuring only 31.9 mm wide and 16 mm thin, and offers an impressive battery life of 100 hours. This design ensures it can be worn continuously without the need for frequent recharging. Moreover, the pendant features a visible LED that indicates when recording is active and allows users to bookmark moments or interact with the AI via simple taps.

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One of the most innovative features of the Limitless system is its ability to generate real-time transcripts and synthesize them into actionable notes during meetings, significantly reducing the cognitive load on users. After a meeting, it can also provide comprehensive summaries, which are particularly useful for professionals who need to manage multiple engagements efficiently.

Privacy concerns, which are paramount in the development of such technologies, have been addressed through the introduction of Consent Mode and Confidential Cloud. Consent Mode enables recording only with the explicit consent of the participants, using voice identification and verbal opt-in mechanisms. Meanwhile, Confidential Cloud ensures that data is stored securely in a way that even the service providers cannot access without user permission.

The combination of these features positions the Limitless pendant not just as a tool for personal productivity but also as a potential game-changer in professional settings where privacy and efficiency are crucial. Additionally, the device is offered at an introductory price of $99, making it accessible to a broader audience.

The introduction of the Limitless pendant reflects a growing trend in the tech industry towards creating solutions that enhance human capabilities without compromising privacy. As this technology evolves, it may set new standards for how wearable devices can support our daily activities and professional engagements.

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