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Instagram’s AI Content Tagging Sparks Controversy

AI agents can now do very specific tasks all at once. This means we can automate hundreds of tasks at the same time. Cailey Thompson recently used an AI agent to analyze Nvidia's financials. She used Auto to dig into Nvidia's quarterly data.

First, she set up columns to find net income, revenue, total assets, and liabilities. Then, she uploaded a bunch of Nvidia's financial documents. The AI agent went to work, giving her a preview table in minutes.

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One document was missing EPS data. Cailey added web search as a tool to find this number. She used the quarterly data as extra context. Before, you would need to chat with the AI for each file, asking questions and waiting for answers. Now, the AI does it all quickly.

Auto is good for market research, web browsing, and web scraping. An added benefit is that it uses specific tools, making it easy to guide. You can give it files, images, URLs, or access to APIs. This means the AI can focus on one thing at a time.

Each cell in the preview table becomes its own AI agent. This makes the process more accurate and reliable. It also saves on tokens since it doesn't need to solve multi-step plans.

The team is moving fast with many features planned. They hope users will join them in shaping the future of this AI technology. This new way of using AI could change how we handle large sets of data, making it quicker and easier to get the information we need.

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