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Google’s Gemma 2 Models Beat Llama 3 and Other Competitors

AI development is moving fast. One new example is Factory AI's latest achievement. They scored over 31% on the software engineering benchmark. This came after months of hard work and trials. Now, users can see and use this product to solve real problems.

Factory AI's progress hints at more rapid software development in the coming years. Every two weeks brings slight improvements. Even if it's just 2%, these gains add up over time. This could lead to huge advancements in a few years.

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Google also made a splash with its new models, Gemma 2. One model has 27 billion parameters, and the other has 9 billion. These models have proven impressive. The 27 billion parameter model beat others like Llama 3, Coen, and Command R in chatbot tests.

The rankings show how Gemma 2 performed. The 27 billion parameter model scored higher than those with more parameters. This is impressive, even if these results are from subjective evaluations and not hard benchmarks.

Factory AI and Google both show how fast AI is advancing. New models and tools come out often, each better than the last. This pace of improvement could change many fields, making technology more helpful and smart.

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