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Google AI Struggles: Failure to Ship and Internal Challenges

Google AI seems to be in a bit of a mess. Recently, their search generative experience suggested some odd things, like adding glue to pizza dough. That’s not safe advice! This shows a bigger problem. Google has great tech but struggles to release it properly.

At their Google I/O conference, they announced many new AI tools. But they didn’t release anything. They just talked about what might come. This makes people wonder if Google can actually stay in the AI race.

Google has many employees. Over 182,000 people work there. But not all of them work on AI. Even with many people, Google moves slowly. Smaller companies like OpenAI can move faster and get more done with fewer people.

Home office with laptop and piles of paper and books on a cluttered desk.

One major issue is that Google doesn’t ship products quickly. They have amazing research but fail to turn it into products. For example, they had a big part in creating the Transformer, which helped OpenAI create ChatGPT. But Google didn’t use their own research fast enough.

Another big problem is their size. Google is a huge company with many levels of approval. To get anything done, ideas have to pass through several layers. This slows everything down. On the other hand, smaller companies can act quickly and make decisions faster.

Google’s slow pace has caused some top talent to leave. Some of their best AI researchers have left to start new companies. Others have joined rivals like OpenAI. This talent drain makes it hard for Google to keep up.

Google also has a lot of computer power. They have more advanced chips than many other companies. These chips can do amazing things. But Google isn’t using this power as well as they could. They need to use their resources better to stay ahead.

In the AI race, smaller companies like OpenAI are quick and nimble. They strike deals with big partners like Microsoft and Apple. These deals help them reach more people. Google needs to move faster and make their tech available widely. They need to trust their AI team, like DeepMind, and give them more freedom to innovate and release products.

Google has some big challenges. They need to change how they work and start releasing their AI tools faster. They have the talent and resources. They just need to use them better. If they do, they might still have a chance to win the AI race. But if they don’t, they risk falling further behind.

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