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Elon Musk discusses Tesla’s new AI and AGI timeline

Tesla's new AI robots are set to change daily life. Imagine asking your car to pick up a friend or groceries. Tesla's AI can do all that and more. Their Optimus robot stands out. You can customize it for different tasks.

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Optimus can pick up kids from school. It can even teach them. This robot supports many languages, making it versatile. Some people online joke about creating robot pets. With Optimus, you can even have a robot cat.

Experts predict that by 2026, AI will surpass human intelligence. They call this artificial general intelligence (AGI). This means AI will be smarter than any person. We could see this happen within 24 months.

AI humanoid robots will create a world of plenty. Goods and services will be available in abundance. This leap in technology will change how we live and work. The future of AI is closer than we think.

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