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Elon Musk Close to Raising $6 Billion for AI Ventures with Sequoia and Others

Video technology is getting a big upgrade, thanks to AI. In the past, making videos with special effects took a lot of time and money. But now, new AI tools are changing that. They make it faster and cheaper to create cool video effects.

Visual effects, or VFX, are super important in movies and TV shows. They make everything look real or magical. But creating these effects is not easy. It takes a lot of time to make sure everything looks just right. Sometimes, it can take 10 to 20 minutes just to make a short video clip. But AI is starting to make this quicker.

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One of the big changes is with AI models like Sora 5. They help make sure that the characters in the video stay the same throughout. This is really important when you're telling a story. You don't want your characters to suddenly look different halfway through!

Also, these AI tools are getting better at making videos faster. This is great news for companies that make movies and TV shows. They spend a lot of money to make sure their videos look good. They use something called render farms. These are big groups of computers that work together to make the videos. But even with these, making videos with VFX can be slow and very costly.

The new AI tools could really change how movies and TV shows are made. They could make creating videos much cheaper and faster. This means we could see more amazing movies and shows with cool effects!

In the future, we might see even more improvements. Companies might use more powerful computers, or they might make the AI even smarter. This could make video creation even quicker and better. This is exciting news for everyone who loves watching movies and shows with awesome effects!

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