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China’s New Text-to-Video AI Tool Rivals State-of-the-Art Models

A major Chinese tech company has released a new AI video tool called Cling AI. Launched by CA, a big company in Beijing, this tool is truly impressive. Cling AI can generate high-quality video clips with a lot of consistency. Many people think it even surpasses some other popular AI tools like Sora.

The tool uses something called 3D spatio-temporal attention. This means it can better model complex movements in videos. For example, it can show a man riding a horse in the Gobi desert with a beautiful sunset behind him. The movements of the man and the horse are very realistic. The dust trails and the horse's legs move correctly too.

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Another example shows an astronaut running on the moon. The low-angle shot makes the scene look vast and real. Even though the quality isn’t always perfect, it’s still quite good. The shadows in the video look accurate, adding to the realism.

Cling AI also has efficient training and scalable infrastructure. This allows it to generate videos up to 2 minutes long at 30 frames per second. This is longer and more consistent than some other AI tools. The AI must understand what’s happening over a long period, which is very hard. But Cling AI does this well, maintaining good quality throughout.

One interesting feature is its strong concept combination ability. For example, it can create a video of a white cat driving a car through a busy street. This kind of footage doesn't exist in real life, which shows how creative the AI can be. Another clip shows a volcano erupting in a coffee cup, blending the two scenes together seamlessly.

The tool also captures small details well. In one clip, a Chinese man sits at a table eating noodles. The AI even adds sauce around his lips as he eats, making the scene look very realistic. Another clip shows a chef chopping onions, with each piece splitting correctly as the knife cuts them.

Cling AI can also generate high-quality images. For example, it can create a video of a chimney under a sunset with very high detail. This shows that the AI can produce not just consistent but also high-quality footage.

This tool can meet different video needs by outputting varied aspect ratios. It can create videos in both portrait and landscape modes, making it versatile for different uses.

Overall, Cling AI shows that China is catching up fast in the AI field. This tool’s ability to generate realistic, high-quality, and consistent videos is a big step forward. It could even surpass some of the best AI tools available today. This means the global race to develop advanced AI is heating up, with China as a strong competitor.

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