Laptop with code on screen in a dimly lit room with person working in the background.

ChatGPT for Mac Now Available: Windows Users Await Release

OpenAI plans to release GPT-5 in 2026. This could mean we might get GPT-6 soon after. GPT-6 might be as smart as someone with a Ph.D. This rapid advancement is impressive. It shows how fast AI is evolving.

OpenAI had GPT-4.0 for a long time before sharing it. They used that time to perfect it. Microsoft helps OpenAI with computing power. With Microsoft’s help, OpenAI can develop new models faster.

Some say OpenAI is not making good products right now. But that's not true. They are ahead in AI research. Larry Summers, a board member at OpenAI, thinks we should keep pushing forward. He believes slowing down AI development could be risky. If the U.S. slows down, other countries might catch up. Those countries might use AI for bad purposes.

Summers argues that advancing AI responsibly is key. We need to use AI to protect human freedoms. If we don't, others might use it to control people.

Laptop with code on screen in a dimly lit room with person working in the background.

There’s also new tech called "relight." This tool can change the lighting of a product in photos. It can make a product look like it’s in different places. For example, under the sea or on another planet. This tool could save time for people in media and creative industries.

Now, let's talk about ASI. ASI stands for Artificial Super Intelligence. It’s much smarter than humans. AGI, or Artificial General Intelligence, is the goal now. AGI will be as smart as the smartest humans. But ASI will be 10,000 times smarter.

SoftBank's CEO mentioned AGI might arrive in less than 10 years. If AGI comes that soon, our lives will change a lot. Just like how the internet changed our lives in the past 20 years. Predicting how ASI will change things is hard. But it will be big.

A fun fact: every time a new AI model comes out, some people test it with math questions. For example, they ask, “What number squared is between 15 and 30?” Many AI models struggle with this. But there are new ways to prompt AI to get the right answer.

One method is to ask the AI to list common mistakes before answering. This can help the AI think more clearly. It shows how we can teach AI to solve hard problems.

Lastly, ChatGPT for Mac is now available. This makes it easier to use AI on your desktop. Windows users have to wait a bit longer. But soon, everyone will be able to use these new AI tools.

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