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Autonomous Vehicles and Customer Service AI: The Future is Here

Google is making huge strides in health and fitness. They announced new AI tools using their Gemini models and Fitbit data. These tools will offer personalized coaching and advice through a mobile app. The system uses health data from Fitbit and Pixel devices to give tailored health tips. This can help people meet their fitness and health goals.

Apple is also jumping into the health game. They plan to release an AI-powered health coach, a mood tracker, and a new health app for the iPad. This move is part of their efforts to expand health services in iOS 17. Many are curious about these new features and how they will change daily health care.

Futuristic urban street with interactive digital information kiosk and sleek autonomous car on a rainy night with vibrant city lights.

Self-driving cars are another exciting area of development. Autonomous cars are vehicles that do not need a driver. People have been sharing their experiences on social media about using these cars. One user said they prefer self-driving taxis over Uber. They felt safer and found the rides more comfortable.

Later this year, self-driving taxis will be available in four major cities. Starting March 14th, the rides will be open to select users in Los Angeles. Testing in Austin began last week with plans to expand later this year. In the UK, new laws could put self-driving cars on the roads in just two years. This marks a big step for autonomous vehicles.

AI is also changing customer service. Businesses are using AI to make their customer service better and faster. Google's customer service AI is leading this change. It uses Google Cloud's AI tools to help with purchases, returns, and giving up-to-date info.

For example, a customer named Amanda wanted to buy a shirt. The AI customer agent helped her complete the purchase quickly. It even suggested items that matched the shirt. Amanda was happy with the smooth and quick service.

These developments show how AI is making life easier and more efficient. From health to travel to shopping, AI is taking on more roles. It will be interesting to see how these advancements shape our daily lives.

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