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Auto: The New AI Tool Revolutionizing Excel Tables

A new tool named Auto is changing how people use AI in Excel tables. This tool uses multiple AI agents to help users manage their data. Auto tables become the interface for these AI agents, making columns the building blocks of powerful workflows.

Auto helps users research various topics, like AI startups. Users can get information on total funds raised, company descriptions, key figures, and market verticals. Auto starts by using a generative UI to build a table. Users can then configure the columns with specific prompts and tools.

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To add data to the table, users have two options. They can add existing data from a list or an external source. Or they can browse the web with an AI assistant, which extracts relevant entities. For every row and column, a new agent runs in the background. Once the agents finish, users can check the results and verify the data sources.

Auto takes a different approach to AI tools. Most AI tools today are chatbots with chat user experiences (UX). While chatbots are good for answering questions and brainstorming, they are not great at handling repetitive tasks. Auto replaces chat with a table to do more work and automate many tasks that take up time.

Auto is more than just an ordinary table. It allows users to interact with AI in a new way, making their workflow smoother and more efficient. The tool simplifies the process of managing large sets of data and automates complex tasks. This makes it easier for users to focus on more important work.

The release of Auto has been widely accepted as a significant improvement. It offers a hands-on approach to data management and research. Users can now rely on AI agents to handle tedious tasks, saving time and effort.

In the demo, Auto showed how users could easily set up a table for researching AI startups. By configuring columns and adding data, users can streamline their research process. Auto also allows users to verify the data sources, ensuring the information is accurate and trustworthy.

Auto is set to change how people work with Excel tables by introducing AI agents into the mix. This tool promises to make data management more efficient and less time-consuming. With Auto, users can automate repetitive tasks and focus on more critical aspects of their work.

Overall, Auto is a game-changer for anyone who works with Excel tables regularly. Its innovative approach and use of AI agents make it a valuable tool for data management and research.

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