Hands holding a smartphone with augmented reality display of a human heart model in a medical technology setting.

AI in Healthcare: Google’s Med Gemini and Apple’s Health Coach

Harvey, a legal tech company, has teamed up with OpenAI. Together, they created a custom model for legal case law research. This new model integrates a vast amount of legal data.

The project started by focusing on Delaware case law. Gradually, it expanded to include all U.S. case law. This added around 10 billion tokens of legal data to the model.

Healthcare professional holding a smartphone with a 3D heart image in a hospital operating room.

Lawyers and AI researchers worked closely on this project. Lawyers explained the details of case law research. AI experts showed how to adjust and improve the model. This collaboration helped create a model that can handle complex legal reasoning.

The custom model can generate detailed answers to legal questions. It can also draft legal documents. One key improvement is its ability to reduce errors. Every statement it makes is backed by cited case law. This makes the model highly reliable for legal professionals who need accurate references.

In the future, we will see more custom-trained models for specific tasks. This trend shows the power of tailoring AI to meet special needs. Law is just one example. Many industries will benefit from these specialized models.

Another area to watch is healthcare. Several companies are working on AI for medical applications. Google Gemini's Med Gemini is a new AI model for medical questions. This model is fine-tuned for understanding complex medical data.

Med Gemini can analyze text, images, videos, and electronic health records. It surpasses GPT-4 in answering medical questions. This shows how specialized AI can improve accuracy and usefulness in specific fields.

As AI continues to advance, we will see more specialized models. These models will be customized for different applications, making them more effective. This trend will benefit many sectors, from law to healthcare.

The collaboration between Harvey and OpenAI is a good example of this trend. By combining legal expertise with AI technology, they created a powerful tool for legal professionals. This model shows the potential of custom-trained AI in solving complex problems.

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